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Metaverse Coin (MTVRS)

Metaverse Coin (MTVRS) is the native cryptocurrency for NFT World - a Metaverse company known for popular tools like Metaverse Chat and Metaverse Browser Extension, and for multiple Decentraland scene builds and avatar wearables.

MTVRS was created for use throughout the Metaverse to support multiple virtual worlds on the Ethereum and Polygon networks such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and more.

Designed as an Attend-to-Earn (A2E) coin, MTVRS will be distributed to attendees of NFT World events hosted at various virtual locations throughout the Metaverse. Most notably, NFT World City located in the Aetheria District within Decentraland. Distribution of MTVRS is meant to serve as encouragement for event attendance which will be a crucial factor to securing sponsors for such events.

The coin may be exchanged for wearables, gameplays, and other special privileges. This may be limited to NFT World products and services initially, but with the intention of being expanded to include third-party partners as well in the future.

As innovators within the Metaverse and blockchain space, we at NFT World look forward to delivering you these enhanced experiences and more that Metaverse Coin will enable us to provide. We would like to thank our incredible community and supporters, and we welcome all newcomers as we work with each of you in paving the future of the Metaverse!


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